Origination. Instigators. $AGG.

AmpliFi DAOs $AGG token sale will launch on Origination.

Origination is xToken Terminal’s second app for permissionless tokensales, financing, crowdfunding, and more.

We will be the first protocol to launch a token sale on Origination!

xToken Terminal’s first app allows projects to seamlessly deploy liquidity mining programs on UniV3.

The first two apps in xToken Terminals suite of financial primitives making it easier for projects to stick to their core competencies/mission. There are more coming too!!

AmpliFi team is excited to get $AGG into the hands of early investors & raise funds to continue building out affiliate/referral marketing campaigns for our growing set of launch partners. GMX is first on the list and we are working hard on a unique idea for Lens Protocol, alongside several other up and coming protocols & NFT projects and even a hardware wallet to keep all your jpgs safe 🙂

The xToken Terminal sale will happen in two phases.

  1. Allowlist sale. Starting price $0.0035. Ending Price $0.005. Discount 30%
  2. Public sale. Starting price 0.006

The AmpliFi Instigators NFT gives access to the allowlist sale.

AmplIFi Instigators NFT

In the build up to the sale we are launching our AmpliFi Instigators NFT. This will serve as the key to unlock permissionless NFT campaign creation for holders alongside a bunch of other features.

Perhaps the best reason to grab one of these NFTs right now is access to Phase 1 of the $AGG sale with a 30% discount on the start price of the public sale.

An Instigator is someone who brings about or initiates something. These will be used to start AmpliFi campaigns for the next set of web3 projects. LFG.

At AmpliFi we use AmpliFi to grow AmplIFi.

Here is the AmpliFi campaign for the Instigators NFT collection & Allowlist sale. Promoters earn 5% of both the NFT sales & the funds raised during the allow list phase. Pretty good deal right?

This is just a quick post to let you know what’s up with AmpliFi. Will be back soon with more, but will leave you with a gallery of jpgs that didn’t make the final cut for the Instigators OG edition & some crazy AI art.