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AmpliFi v Chainbet

AmpliFi DAO is happy to announce the addition of Chainbets referral program to our Affiliate Marketing platform. The entire referral system is fully onchain, NFTs are referral codes & the vault keeps track of volume for each code and handles permissionless payouts.

But before we dive into the technical details lets have some fun by starting with a bet!

Minting a Transferable AmpliFi Chainbet Referral Code

AmpliFi makes it super easy to become Chainbet promoter.

AmpliFi DAO Earnings

LoseHouse EdgeHouse ShareMin Monthly VolumeChainbet Child NFT TierChainbet tier %AmpliFi DAO real % of lossesEarned By AmpliFi DAOTotal LAGGPlayer ($ in LAGG)Affiliate ($ in LAGG)
10000002.500%$25,0000tier 0 affiliate5%1.26%$12,562.50837,500$6,281.25$6,281.25
10000002.500%$25,000100tier 1 affiliate10%1.14%$11,375.00758,333$5,687.50$5,687.50
10000002.500%$25,0001,000tier 2 affiliate30%0.66%$6,625.00441,667$3,312.50$3,312.50
10000002.500%$25,0003,000tier 3 affiliate50%0.19%$1,875.00125,000$937.50$937.50